Code Republic is a Female Founded luxury leather goods brand. First started in 2016 in Sydney Australia, we are now located in the United States with offices in LA, Miami, NY & Seattle with our distribution warehouse based in Boise Idaho and we ship worldwide. 


We convey a subtle rebellious ideology. The Republic in our sense, is reached by women in business who are bold and progressive, evolving into a new more modern, socially inclusive club where #Smart-is-the-new-sexy. We are stylish, sophisticated and feminine, but not dainty or weak. We Inspire elegance but also come with a “don’t mess with me” air.

Our designer handbags are strong, bold, and logical therefore assertive, focused and to the point. An extension of the modern woman in the boardroom that matches her confidence.

The premise of a republic is equality, truth-seeking and belonging to the people. We are not elitist, we are astute without pretensions; confident without being loud. Exuding aspiration, confidence, insider ship, compassion, and a sense of duty.

What we wear is a visual expression of our inner self. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how other people see us. CODE REPUBLIC empowers professional women to exude strength & confidence through our sleek, classic luxury work bags with the innovation & protection of a perfectly organized laptop bag. Meaning you will always look and feel great while staying organized & therefore consistently performing at your best! 

Driven by innovation and meticulous design, We are passionate about pushing fashion boundaries with our hybrid Premium Women's Laptop Bag line. Designed specifically to address the needs of today’s modern woman, who needs to transition from hybrid work to play in effortless style, the collection integrates daily practicalities with a directional sense of style, presenting a varied edit of vibrant hues, luxe finishes and classic pieces across our Women's Designer Laptop Handbag & Accessories collection. 


After developing an affinity for design at a very young age, Australian born Anthea Rowan pursued her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and launched her first fashion label at age 18. Life then took a path into the consumer tech industry where she spent almost a decade working for the worlds largest PC brand and developing tech accessories. 

 She could see women spending thousands of dollars on their high end laptops yet there were no premium tech accessories of equal design and quality for women like herself to elegantly carry and protect their valuable device in, and handbags are not structurally engineered to support the weight of tech so fall apart and show unsightly signs of wear within a few weeks of use.

 In 2016 Anthea returned to her fashion designer roots and launched her debut collection of luxury tech bags & accessories in her signature 'rebellious feminine elegance' style, designed specifically for professional women. After an appearance on The Today Show, and being featured in several magazines, CODE REPUBLIC became an overnight sensation.

"I felt it was my purpose & duty to design high end statement piece work bags & accessories that were the perfect combination of elegant design, sumptuous materials, unrivalled craftsmanship, and thoughtful tech centric features. 

What makes my handbag & accessories brand so unique is that tech is ALWAYS at the forefront of my designs unlike most other luxury handbag brands. Most may be beautifully designed yet lack the features & strength required to organize and protect the multitude of devices we all carry around everyday" Said Anthea Rowan

Anthea Rowan has won awards recognizing her as an esteemed fashion designer, innovator and leader. Today, CODE REPUBLIC is a luxury brand sold globally and carried on the arms of celebrities.