Does Your work bag define the nature of your job?

The modern woman now speaks for herself when it comes to her carrying her style in a professional environment. She doesn’t need o look for the convenience of easy carrying laptop backpack for a woman over something like a cute tote bag that you can carry around all day. With retailers like code-republic, you have every opportunity to carry your personal style to your professional environment. You no longer have to worry about how hideous you will look carrying around a bag that simply serves to hold more of your things. There are numerous colors, types, and styles that you can choose between from your favorite types of bags. So, when you have facilities like these and you can choose between your favorite kinds of work bags for women then why wouldn’t you opt for something that represents your style and how this style is good for you. Here are some bags and what carrying them around tells people about you:

Small, Cross Body Flap Bag:

Carrying this kind of bag can sometimes give the impression that you are smart and artsy but you have managed to prioritize the essentials in your life and believe in carrying around only what you need. People are less likely to ask for a lipstick or a compact powder from you seeing as how you would have probably packed the most important of things in these ladies’ work bag. This kind of bag isn’t always manageable so it might be commendable that you are carrying around such a bag on a daily basis. It gives more of a casual and adult sort of vibe and people might not always take you as an office job type of person. If you are not working in an office environment it is probably wise not to carry around this kind of bag.

Canvas Tote or a Cute design:

These kinds of bags are pretty small and cute but a better choice for carrying your personal feminine style.  With this kind of bag, you are depicting that you do not fear carrying around just 3-4 essentials instead of being seen carrying around a luggage bag that might look much more casual than you want it to. You value the looks and how well this bag goes along with your outfit than the convenience of a designer laptop bag for women. You will most probably have at least 4 outfits in your closet that match and go pretty well with this particular bag.

Fanny Pack:

Not a desk job kind of bag for sure! so if you are carrying around this kind of bag you are highly unlikely to be perceived as a professional employee in a big firm. It is a more, no, much more casual option than the traditional tote or laptop handbag, it clearly suggests you not out on the clock or for business. Or maybe the nature of work does not demand a lot of carrying around of essential equipment, or any sense of professional work dress-code.


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