How to make the best first impression in meetings

How to make the best first impression in meetings

Brydie Allen for CodeRepublic

The pressure to make a good first impression can be daunting. There’s so many things to think about, and tripping up even a little bit can make you feel like you’ll redeem yourself. Add your professional reputation in the mix and it’s a recipe for unnecessary stress and worry. 

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There are 3 main things to remember: be organised, be confident and look the part. What does this mean? Read on and we’ll tell you more. 

  1. Be organised

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No matter what type of meeting you’re going to, being organised is key for your success. Even if you’re not sure how meetings usually go with a new client or at a new workplace, try to think of every situation and be prepared for it. 

When you’re gathering everything you need, make sure devices are charged, notes are in order, and presentations have been double checked. Some organisation must haves for a first meeting are pen and paper, business cards, a laptop or tablet and access to your calendar and diary. Depending on your line of work, you might also need props like handouts or samples

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  1. Be confident

Even if you don’t feel 100% confident in a new situation, there are some things you can do to give people the illusion that you are. This builds better working relationships and respect, making meeting attendees get a good first impression of you. 

It starts from the first time you or someone else walks into the room. Stand up straight, look everyone in the eye and smile when you greet them, giving them a firm handshake. 

Once the meeting has started, practice positive body language to confirm you are listening and are engaged, by nodding, taking notes, and angling yourself towards the person who is speaking.  

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  1. Look the part

This is connected to both of the points above, because how you present yourself can impact how organised or confident you come across as. Making sure you appear neat, tidy and professional is the final piece of the best first impression puzzle. 

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Dress in something safely business-like (a blazer is always a winner), and do a quick pre-meeting bathroom trip to check for smudges on your clothes or makeup.

Looking the part also helps to boost your confidence, and can make you stay organised. We’d suggest trying a stylish business tote, big enough to fit your tech and meeting materials . Bonus points for matching it your other accessories (which is a no brainer when you get a value bundle like our Limited Edition Danielle Leather in Tan Pebble here)

Now you’re ready to go make the perfect first impression!



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