Quick tricks to turn your look from day to night

Brydie Allen for Code Republic
Going straight from the office to a night out is stressful. Whether you’re off on a dinner date, going dancing with the girls, or heading to a friend’s birthday party, your work wear probably won’t cut it. 
Worrying about what you can wear to suit both the day and night? Stop right now, we’ve got you sorted! Get savvy with these super simple tricks that can transform your look and take you from work to play in just a few minutes. 
Tips for your hair:
Sleek straightened hair is the easiest hair choice because you don’t have to worry about changing it at all! Simply straighten in the morning, set it with product for the day and you’ll be set for when night falls. 
womens laptop bag
Another easy option for a more formal look is soft, set-and-forget waves. First, prep your hair with plenty of product, and then set it up to create the curl you want. Try braids and plaits for an all over crimped look with lots of volume, or twist into two buns at the base of your neck for more gentle and romantic waves. Come night time, you only need to undo and finger brush!
Tips for your outfit:
Look out for a stylish dress that suits both work and play, so you never need to change. Good choices are ones with a fitted bodice and nicely draping flared skirts. Corporate-ise it for the day with a blazer, and then get night time ready with some tactical makeup and accessory choices. 
designer laptop bag
Pictured - Flocked Stripe Jacquard Dress from Cue
You can also go the other way and make a night outfit work with your office dress code. You can pop a long sleeve top under a strappy number or cover revealing cut outs with a tasteful sweater or blazer. 
Tips for your makeup:
A refined elegant face is key for day time success. Stay away from heavy eyes and go for a more subtle overall look. Then when it’s time to go out, just add in a bright lip to transform your look. Choose a shade that complements the colour scheme of the rest of your look - it really ties it together and makes for a fancier finish. 
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Pictured model wears - Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent
Tips for your accessories:
A statement necklace or a bright earring effortlessly pushes your outfit into the night. Fringe and tassels are really hot right now, especially oversized, in rich colours like red. If you keep your day time look monochromatic, it’s easier to jazz up with eye catching metallics or bold colours.
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Pictured - Dawn tassel earrings from Pastiche 
As for what you’re carrying on your arm, you’ll need something big enough to fit your work essentials, night time essentials, and all the tools you need to transform the look along the way. AND it has to look the part for all day and night. The obvious choice is a stylish work tote! Good thing we have the best womens work bags all sorted for you - browse the range here
designer womens laptop bag
Pictured - Sonya Leather Laptop bag in black from Code Republic
Brydie Allen for Code Republic



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