The ultimate carry on packing guide for business trips

The ultimate carry on packing guide for business trips

Brydie Allen for CodeRepublic

Business trips can be great! Getting out of the office and sometimes out of your comfort zone, a change in scenery and a change in your routine. To capitalise on time and costs for a few days away, you’ll likely be travelling with only carry on luggage. 

No matter what way you’re travelling, successfully fitting your whole professional life into a small bag is all about packing smart. To help you avoid jumping on your suitcase to squeeze it shut, we’ve created this ultimate carry on packing guide for business trips. 

Step 1: do your research.

Know the area you are going to and what’s there, what the weather is like, what your hotel is like and what your daily commute will be like while you’re there. You can’t pack smart if you don’t know what you’re packing for. 

Then look into your agenda and think about any events beyond business as usual. These might require you to bring something special, or be given something else to take home. 

Finally, research your method of transport, including the company you’re booked with. Airlines and airports have strict guidelines on what can come through security, as well as the weight and size of your bag. But even if you’re not flying, look into what you can expect in terms of luggage capacity of your transport. 

Step 2: prepare your products.

Travel light product-wise, and keep them in as small a container as you can. There are tonnes of affordable travel containers you can transfer larger products into, or you can buy smaller sizes.

For non liquid products, invest in some travel sized options for your business trips. Mini brushes, combs and makeup palettes take up less space, and should see you through the short time you are away. 

Step 3: choose your clothes

Planning is everything when it comes to your clothes. Know exactly what you will wear for each day and each event, but also include an option to make an outfit cooler or warmer in case of unexpected weather. 

Keep your choices versatile so you’re ready for anything, and try to opt for materials that won’t crinkle too easily. 

Step 4: gather your business needs

Don’t forget to include everything you need for work. After all, it is a business trip! Remember chargers for all devices, logins to sites you might have saved at your desk, and anything else to help you do your job remotely. Digitise as much as you can to save on physical space in your bag. 

Step 5: time to pack.

How you pack is just as important as what you pack. Having a good bag set is also key, especially for business trips! Invest in a good sized carry on that is easy to get around with and also something to protect your tech when travelling. You’ll look even more professional when it all matches, like our Black Pebble Leather pieces here. 

Wait until you have everything organised before things go into the bag. First, roll clothes before packing to avoid creases in transit. Then unpack as soon as possible after you arrive and hang things up. 

Protect the rest of your luggage by keeping liquid containers in a waterproof bag. It's also a good idea to pack shoes in baggies too, so nothing marks your clothes. 

If you’re flying, keep things like your laptop, aerosols and liquids easily accessible when your bag is open. This way you can move your bag through security quicker.

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