The handbag….alongside diamonds (and not forgetting Champagne!) … truly is a girl’s best friend! More than just an accessory your handbag adds the finishing touch to any outfit, showing off your personality and style.

For decades we’ve crammed our prize possessions and daily necessities into our handbags hoping that like Mary Poppins our bags will magically expand to fit the entire contents of our lives inside them! Channelling our inner Sherpa we have struggled under the weight of numerous bags of kit whilst traversing the treacherous landscape of the office carpark, trying to look effortless and chic in our newest ensemble whilst lugging a black polyester laptop bag…never a good look!

Countless times I have been that girl running after the train because she couldn’t find her ticket in time or emptying her bag on the front step because those elusive housekeys had mysteriously vanished again!! First world problems, I know, but stressful all the same!
And this was all before we were also expected to tip the contents of our office desk into our bags in the form of laptop, tablet and phone…hot desking you have a lot to answer for!!

So how does the modern woman combine practicality with style without carrying 5 handbags and a holdall?! Simple…enter Code_Republic!

Currently available in four sophisticated styles this premium tech accessory brand is exactly what we’ve all be waiting for! Each style is crafted in high quality leather with chunky rose gold hardware and feminine detailing. With four different contemporary shapes to choose from you really can express your own unique style. Personally, I think I’ll go for one of each, just to make sure I’ve got all bases (and outfits!!) covered! 

And here’s the piece de resistance…the interior!! Never again will I be that girl who’s failed to reapply her lipgloss before an important meeting…nevermind arriving on time with laptop, charging cables, tablet and phone all intact…details details!!

The bright tropical lining will firstly remind you of why you’re putting in so many hours of hard slog (pina colada by the pool anyone??!) and secondly will ensure that you can find that all important stylus hiding at the bottom of your handbag!! The padded protective pockets for both laptop and tablet mean that you can easily slip your devices into your bag at the end of the day without having to hope and pray that they make it through the hustle and bustle of the journey home on the train!

These guys really have thought of everything! Whatever the weather this bag has got you covered….literally! The handy insulated elasticised pocket doubles up as a water cooler (read Sauvignon Blanc!) or umbrella storage….and I for one can think of a few more uses!

Meet Lisa, Danielle, Nicole and Sonya…your very own girl tribe. These ladies have got your back in the boardroom with no office politics involved! So who will you pick to be on your team??

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