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We carry our life in our handbags. We wear them as a piece we are proud of and a reflection of our own individual style and personality. Why should our laptop bags be any different? 

CODE REPUBLIC blends luxury craftsmanship of a high-quality feminine designer handbag with the innovation, internal features & device protection of a perfectly organized laptop bag. 

This bold and instinctive statement piece will overwhelm the senses through its world-renowned design, versatility & exquisite craftsmanship.

The new SAVANNAH laptop bag has the most powerful and provocative design language ever seen in women’s work bag. Sophisticated, elegant & feminine in its visual language. CODE REPUBLIC principles of purity & beautiful proportion remain uncompromised transcending season to season.

Ever since the original Code Republic bags were first launched, we have become synonymous with sleek timeless design & organization becoming our signature. CODE REPUBLIC has an unmistakable presence. Everything in our design has been finely tuned for purpose for women in the business world. Sculptural forms create a bold yet feminine stance. While the interior engineering expresses the agility and dynamism inherent to our brand

They are a statement of intent. The signature silhouette is accentuated by the luxe jewlery inspired hardware. It provocatively expresses the bags elegant character in what is set to become an iconic symbol of stature.

Distinctive and assertive features like the sumptuous leather surrounding the body, or the focused expression of its 9” handle drop & tapered side profile to comfortably fit over your shoulder and under your arm instantly portray CODE REPUBLICs beautifully intense character.

The distinctive organization system and structure to the interior has been intelligently crafted and is one of absolute focus and functionality creating a more immersive organized experience to instantly equip an elegant women for her day ahead. Pockets for Laptop, Tablet, Stylus, Cables, Chargers, Lipstick, Sunglasses, Keys & Water Bottle. Finished with a top closing zip to keep everything concealed. The pocket selection and organizational features are uniquely placed in the centre aperture. Ultra-compact and all impressively configured around the daily needs of the Modern Woman.

Our talented designer Anthea Rowan sought the ideal unique structural foundation for our bags crafting its inner frame with a patented lightweight, sustainable recycled interior core underneath the supple leather for strength & device protection while also keeping the bag always standing upright.

The inherent business bag agility comes from its compact dimensions and near perfect weight distribution with the cross-body strap. A rigid subframe delivers enhanced stability & device protection. The overwhelming benefit of its beautifully versatile uses while connecting symbiotically to deliver unrivalled style and poise. This is a luxury work bag engineered for performance.

leaving a lasting impression well beyond the workday. The effortless, inherent day to night design delivers the perfect balance of style with versatility to ensure the bag is exactly the right amount of luxe elegance for any occasion.


DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Any device up to 13.1" X 9" Including but not limited to Surface Book 13.5", Surface Laptop 13.5", Surface Pro X 13", Surface Pro 12.3" MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13"





“At CODE REPUBLIC, we have a mission to empower women everywhere to succeed in the office and wherever life takes you. I have set out to create a range of sleek, strong and smart laptop bags, to address the needs of today’s busy woman, from the boardroom, plane to the bar and everything in between. I have worked hard to create a range that is stylish, functional, designed to provide convenience, organisation, beauty and strength to carry everything to get you through the day and into the night”, said Anthea Rowan, CODE REPUBLIC Founder.

CODE REPUBLIC is proudly partnered with Microsoft. Our Designed for Microsoft Surface products are tested & certified to Microsoft stringent quality standards.

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